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Net dataFile Parameter

Using javAPRS with static data files adds a bit of animation, but isn't anything that couldn't be done with other internet systems. Where things really get exciting is using javAPRS to connect to live data streams. Net connections are specified with the dataFile parameter.

<PARAM name="dataFile1" value="">

The "netc" informs javAPRS that this is a network data stream rather than a file. The number between the colons is the TCP/IP port number of the server port. The last part is the address of the server. Due to security limitations of Java, this MUST be the same server as the codebase of javAPRS.

<PARAM name="dataFile1" value="">

This is another version of the net definition that assumes the port number of 14579.

<PARAM name="dataFile1" value="ws://">

This uses basic WebSocket protocol (over HTTP). wss (secure WS) is not supported. The #history is optional and denotes to the server to provide a historical feed. Not all servers support WebSocket.

<PARAM name="sendLogin" value="false"> (default true)

javAPRS defaults to sending a "read-only login" string to the host at connection time. This switch allows you to turn that off if you are going to a non-standard APRS server.