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Public Functions

The following functions are declared public and can be accessed via JavaScript in some browsers:

public String getAppletInfo()
Returns the copyright string.

public String[][] getParameterInfo()
Returns the list of parameters.

public String getLastClicked()
Returns the callsign-SSID of the last station clicked on.

public String[] getStationList()
public String getStationListString()
Returns all of the callsign-SSID's of stations heard.

public String[] getStationList(int timeInSecs)
public String getStationListString(int timeInSecs)
Returns all of the callsign-SSID's of stations heard in the last timeInSecs seconds.

public double[] getPosition(String call)
public double getPositionString(String call)
Returns the latitude, longitude of the callsign-SSID (negative = South or West)

public Date getLastHeard(String call)
Returns the Date/Time of when the callsign-SSID was last heard.

public String getPosit(String call)
Returns the position packet.

public String getWx(String call)
Returns the weather packet.

public String getID(String call)
Returns the last packet received.

If there is not a return value available, null is returned.

getStationListString and getPositionString return the array as a single string with | as the delimiter between fields.