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APRSTextBox (1.6.1b01) is a small applet that lets the viewer see the actual APRS data stream. The parameters are:

Name Value
foreground Foreground Color formatted "rrggbb" default "C0C0C0"
background Background Color formatted "rrggbb" default "000000"
maxlines Maximum Lines to Cache default "100"
login Defaults to true. Only set to false if you are connecting to your own server and your server does not accept logins.
serverCmd Allows a command to be appended to the login string.
datafile APRS Server Port formatted "port:address"
hideComments Hide comment lines (start with #), default false.
filterN String(s) to look for to display line. N = 1 and up.

This is a simple applet on which there is no further development anticipated
The example below shows messages and bulletins seen on APRS-IS.

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