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GIF Image Maps

javAPRS has the ability to display any gif or jpeg file, and use it as a map. To do this, first specify the file, which must be in the maps directory as noted above.

<PARAM name="gifMap" value="atlanta.gif">

The map must then be calibrated so that javAPRS can plot items correctly onto the map, by specifying the edges of the map in degrees.

<PARAM name="gifMapLeft" value="80.3245">
<PARAM name="gifMapTop" value="24.2454">
<PARAM name="gifMapRight" value="79.4623">
<PARAM name="gifMapBottom" value="23.8916">

(Positive degrees in the north and west hemispheres, and negative in the south and east.)

If you want the applet to match the dimensions of the GIF, the following "rule" applies: each selection bar is 22 pixels high. Therefore, if you do not use a map list or pickBackgroundColor, make the applet the same size as the GIF. If you do use one of those options, make the applet height = the GIF height + 22.