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javAPRSSrvr is an APRS-IS server written 100% in Java. It runs on any platform that supports Java 8 and above. It is currently used extensively on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD Unix, and Mac OS X platforms. It provides connectivity between APRS clients, IGates, and APRS-IS servers. javAPRSSrvr has been ported to Android 8 as an IGate and APRS-IS local server (javAPRSSrvrIGate in the Google Play Store).

javAPRSSrvr has been designed to meet the current de facto specifications of APRS-IS. Further information on those specifications can be found at javAPRSSrvr supports most types of ports available from other servers. It implements a thorough packet processing algorithm causing clean TNC2 format headers and unaltered payloads to be sent to connected clients and servers. There are a number of built-in safeguards that reduce or eliminate APRS-IS centric loops and duplicate packets.

javAPRSSrvr supports server adjuncts which can provide any type of extra processing on packets. APRSFilter (second generation javAPRSFilter) is an adjunct that provides selective output to ports and allows users to define their own data stream to receive.

javAPRSSrvr supports built-in clients which can feed directly into and from the server. APRSIGate provides full IGate functionality with an open TNC interface. DBGate populates a database with APRS activity. NSRDigi is a client that provides full AX.25 NSR digipeater functionality that is not APRS-centric. Other clients are WhoIsGate, EmailGate, CQGate, Object Generator, and WxNow Generator.

A block diagram of the javAPRSSrvr architecture can be found here. A detailed overview of javAPRSSrvr can be downloaded from here.

javAPRSSrvr is available free-of-charge to amateur radio operators for amateur radio use on a by-request basis from Pete Loveall AE5PL. You must supply your full name and licensed amateur radio callsign. Commercial versions are available upon request for a fee which includes full ongoing support.

javAPRSSrvr is the basis for a number of specialized applications: