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Built-in Clients (Gateways)

javAPRSSrvr 4.0 and above supports internal clients such as APRSIGate. This can be any application, but the primary use foreseen is for it to be used as a gateway between RF or other service and APRS-IS. The interface used between javAPRSSrvr and the client is the same base class used for TCP connections. This interface is open to anyone who wishes to write a built-in client and provides the same flexibility available to remote clients.

APRSIGate Features:

APRSIGate has been written to this interface providing full gateway capabilities with a simplified TNC interface to make porting to different platforms simpler than in the past. Currently there are interfaces for AGWPE, the Linux kernel AX.25 modules, and direct connect to KISS TNCs in Windows, Linux, and other operating systems.

NSRDigi is a full featured AX.25 digi supporting the No-Source Routing algorithm. It is a non-APRS (resides in but does not communicate with) javAPRSSrvr client and shares the TNC interface with APRSIGate.

Other clients include WhoIsGate (callsign lookup), EmailGate (APRS email interface), and CQGate (CQ server). More information on using these can be found at the APRS-IS web site.