APRS Servers

Listed below are all known (to me) APRS servers. Please contact me at pete@ae5pl.net with any corrections. I have listed only the primary full feed port when other standard ports are supported.

javAPRS users will normally want a port with a history dump. All bidirectional client software MUST use ports that do not have a history dump. I recommend using rotate.aprs2.net for javAPRS data feeds as this will spread loads across the various servers and will keep your web page from being dependent on a single server for the APRS data feed.

Clients and IGates should use filtered ports, if available. Servers (such as javAPRSSrvr and aprsc) should connect directly to the core servers. Do NOT use near-full-feed filters such as t/poiw on non-core servers. Please respect the resources of your fellow hams.

(click on server DNS name for status page)
Description (Location)
Core Servers
(Do not use with javAPRS.
Use tier 2 servers listed below the core servers.)
Standard Ports:
23, 10152 - Full APRS Feed (Recommended Servers Only)
1314 - Message-only Feed
14580 - User-defined Filtered Feed (Recommended for All Clients)
rotate.aprs.net Round-robin DNS for All Core Servers (individual servers are named first.aprs.net, second.aprs.net, etc. and total number may vary)
Non-core Servers No Standard Port Assignments
Access the status page normally on port 14501 for available port information
Port 14580 is normally user-defined filter port for client access
World-wide Tier 2 Groups
rotate.aprs2.net APRS2 Group
FireNet APRS Special Purpose Subnet
APRS-IS servers primarily serve APRS RF networks
FireNet primarily serves Internet attached clients
firenet.us (FIRENET-1)
firenet.aprs2.net (Round-robin)
FIRENET Servers. NOT to be used for inter-server connections where FIRENET data might be introduced into APRS-IS. Feeds are designed for Internet-only clients; IGates are NOT supported.