D-PRS Calculator

This page calculates the necessary GPS message (C1 message on most Icom radios) to use your Icom radio in GPS (NMEA) mode (not GPS-A (DPRS) mode) with D-PRS.

MyCall is the complete callsign entered in your radio including the ID (8th) character.

Note that the symbol code occupies the first four characters of the GPS message (space padded) and that there is a checksum appended to the text preceded by an asterisk. The generated message is case-sensitive (GPS message now allows upper and lower case as some radios allow lower case now in the message).  If you are using software to program your radio, copy/paste the generated message to your software.

The D-PRS CallSSID can be used to look up your station on any APRS-IS database.

8 Char Max
Right Space Padded
D-PRS SymbolGPS(C1) Message

Symbol: Symbol

Note that some GPS Messages with special (non-alphabetic) characters may cause an error.
  Input into TX Message C1: